Café and Culture

Cafes are everywhere here in Spain. Most of them have a small interior space with a few tables. Therefore, they often extend their domain to the street right outside of their cafe. As people sit at tables on the street, it is very visible that people like to get together.

A Cafe in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Cafes are also referred to as “Bars”.

As you might imagine, there is a wide range of coffees offered at the cafés. Here are some of our favorites.

This coffee is called a “Baraquito”, which is unique to the Canary Islands.

Sometimes the Baraquito is called “Café Leche con Leche”.
“Cafe con Leche”
I ordered a “Cafe Americano” here, which means double the size of any other coffee. What would a “Cafe Tejano” be like?
“Chocolate Caliente” is also available in most places.

Only a few cafes are used for working; however, this coffee shop is filled with professionals holding team and 1-on-1 business meetings, working on their Laptops, etc…hooray! It has become my office in Santa Cruz, when not on campus in La Laguna.