Association of Pharmacists: Leadership Workshop

One of the most fun parts of the Fulbright adventure has been the opportunity to share about leadership with a variety of diverse groups. For example, April 25th, I will visit the “Colegio Oficial de Farmacéuticos” here in Tenerife, Spain. The purpose of the workshop is to explore how the practice and science of leadership intersect, with a special focus on the application of leadership theories within the pharmaceutical profession.

A final thought…Leadership, as an important competency, continues to emerge across disciplines and professions. I´ll never forget the conversation I had with a medical doctor over dinner while on vacation with my family. We were sitting at the same dinner table at a Pine Cove Family Camp and we briefly shared what we did for work. When the doctor heard about my work as an organizational leadership scientist, he said, “I spent 13 years studying medicine, and not once did I take a class on leadership. Now I own my own clinic with a medium sized staff. I hired an office manager, and still we are having team collaboration challenges. There is such a need for leadership development and training.”

ULL´s Society Relations Office echos this sentiment so well on their web-promotion of the leadership workshop … “Leadership is a cross-disciplinary competency that students of the Degree in Pharmacy and graduates of this degree need to continue to expand as a competency and essential skill for continuing the advancement of patient-focused pharmaceutical services.” (Translation by Google-Translate)