Invitations: It’s All Part of the Fulbright Experience

Invitations from people within the local community to talk and get to know each other often emerge during a Fulbright endeavor. Such spontaneous invitations have been exciting. During each invitation to talk, we have exchanged stories and learned from each other. Here are three brief examples…

1. An invitation from an owner of a private school to talk about leadership with her and the school director…They shared that the concept of leadership development is very new here on the islands and within Spain.

2. An invitation from an attendee at the CESCO seminar, who is an entrepreneur, and business owner … He wanted talk further about how to use the scientific organizational culture intervention introduced, and how to apply to his work in organizational development.

3. An introduction by a business professor to the leaders of “La Asociación para la Promoción del Liderazgo en Canarias” (The Association for the Promotion of Leadership in the Canary Islands)…This introduction resulted in an invitation to speak at the global leadership Summit in the Canary Islands.

Dialogues as these are all part of the purpose of the Fulbright program. We, as Fulbrighters, are not to stay cooped-up within the “Ivory Towers” of Academia. 🙂