Part I, Global Leadership Summit: The Connection

On Saturday, March 9, one of my Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) professor colleagues ran into one of his students at a local hardware store, who graduated 20 years ago. The student shared with him that she was now working with APLC (Asociación para la Promoción del Liderazgo en Canarias). In four weeks, this non-profit organization would be holding the Canary Islands’ second Global Leadership Summit. The student shared that the summit was being sponsored by ULL and hosted in the College of Economy, Business, and Tourism building.

To make a long story short, I was invited to share at the summit. It was a privilege and honor to participate with local professionals and to represent both Concordia University Texas and ULL as one of the “colaboradores.” And, it was the first time that I would need to give a talk on leadership in Spanish. (O’ no!)

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