A Meet-Up with Software Developers

A couple months ago I met Carlos Blé, owner of LeanMind, here in Tenerife. After talking with him for 30 minutes, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. He is an avid learner and the type of person who makes things happen!

Carlos invited me to share about Organizational Culture with a Meet-Up Group that he co-founded, which currently has 835 members. The group is called, Agile & Craftsmanship Canarias. Per their site, the group is “a community of professionals, mainly software developers, who support agile methodologies and the craftsmanship software movement. We meet to share experiences, learn and have fun.”

And indeed, what fun it was to dialogue with this group about how to develop more constructive organizational cultures!

For about 30 minutes, I explained how to use Human Synergistics OCI/OEI Model, and afterwords we hung out and enjoyed a time for refreshments.

The How Culture Works Model

Leadership development and organizational culture are topics that are important to leaders across all industries, because it is people and teams that make organizations thrive.

Huge kudos to Carlos and the team at LeanMind, as they continue to provide high value to the companies for which they work and as they positively contribute to society-at-large!

Carlos and his team at LeanMind