“Mi Familia” and Fulbright

Getting to Know Each Other: Part 2 of 5

As mentioned in Post 1 of this series about “Getting to Know Each Other,” during the introductions of my guest lectures at ULL (Universidad de La Laguna), there are a set of items that I share before jumping into the topic of lecture.

I have not arrived “solo” to Spain, but rather I am part of a Fulbright Scholar Family! Yes, this has been a family endeavor. And, what an adventure it has been. Lots of fun, lots of logistical challenges, lots of learning, lots of new experiences, and … you get the picture.

At each lecture, I share with each new group of participants (students/professionals)…
-My family is multi-national (Mexican/American)
-I lived in Mexico when I was 21-27 years old
-My wife is originally from Mexico (we’ve been married 21 years)
-My kidDOS and wife are dual-citizens (USA/Mexico)
-My son is a futbol-soccer fanatic…He trains every day at a Avila Soccer Clinic in Austin and plays competitively with Town and Country Sports (His favorite teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid…Wait, how can that be?)
-My daughter, like any good Texan, loves riding horses! (This sport has now surpassed her passion for gymnastics.)

The Fulbright experience is highly valuable for us a family. And, we view it as an honor, privilege, and responsibility. If you are interested in pursuing a Fulbright opportunity as a family, we would be happy to share more. Also, my wife has been posting on her blog about life on the family front while here in Tenerife.

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