Texas and Tenerife: “Far, but Close”

Getting to Know Each Other: Part 5 of 5

During the introductions of my lectures….After sharing about the Fulbright program, my city, family, and home university, I go on to talk about the strong relationship there is between Texas and Tenerife of the Canary Islands, Spain.

Texas and Tenerife might be far in distance, but they are close in relationships and history. I share the following about this relationship…

-There is a Canary Islands Descendants Association in San Antonio, Texas.
Dr. Alfonso Chiscano, a well-know surgeon in the USA, is originally from the Canary Islands. (A statue of Dr. Chiscano is in the photo above, on the left.)
-One of my students at Concordia University Texas is a decedent of one of the original 16 families sent by the king of Spain to establish San Antonio during the early 1700s. (See www.cida-sa.org for more of the history.)